Kwing figure

This is an anime representation of Kwing that he often uses to represent himself.

kNIGHTWING01 or Kwing or Luke K Wing or just Luke is a gaming journalist that manages three channels: the kNIGHTWING01 channel, the kwingsletsplays channel, and Kwingsmaturegaming channel. He mainly did reviews and now also does lets plays. He is married to Amber aka Kwife and has a cat named Tink. He is a Batman fan and is best known for his Arkham series videos. 😀Edit


Luke was born in New York in 1983, he was born with ADD and Dyslexia. According to him he said he used to jump off rooftops he shimmied up onto in a Robin costume, an act that he says got him constantly yelled at by his mother and he says he's suprised he never broke his leg. He also read and still reads comic books. He finished high school and, according to him, went to photography school and bible collage. In 2006 he married Amber and later they adopted Tink, thier Russian Blue cat whom they were going to name Zelda. Kwing started reviews and has been a youtuber ever since running three channels and helping Amber and her channel.